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Why competition matters?


„Because challenge and competition make us better. If our businesses aren’t challenged, if they don’t have to compete, then they don’t have any reason to work to serve people better. Competition is the motor that drives businesses to do better for consumers. To cut prices. To offer more choice. To produce innovative products.“

Margarethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, in a speech at the
American Enterprise Institute in Washington on September 18, 2017

Taken from: How competition can build better market


Ms. Vestagers quote concisely sums up why competition matters. The rail sector in the EU is currently still far from being as competitive as other industries.

ALLRAIL aims to work closely with the EU Institutions, the European Union Rail Agency and Regulators to support the full establishment of a competitive Single European Railway Area.

Tomorrow one our Board Directors - @LeoExpressEU's CEO Peter Köhler - will be speaking in a panel discussion at the International Railway Summit @railsummit in Prague.

On the issue "Does competition benefiting passengers?"

Here's the event website:

.@WESTbahn1 sometimes allows Austrian incumbent's loyalty discount card to be used on its services.

Incumbents inherit national networks, making their loyalty cards more attractive- huge geographical coverage.

So new entrants don't face level playing field in loyalty programmes

Johannes Vater@vater_johannes

In diesem Monat nutze ich das Angebot der #Westbahn, zu bestimmten Zeiten mit meiner #ÖBB-Vorteilscard um 9 Euro zu reisen. Heute hatte ich das Gefühl, dass damit nicht nur @unsereOEBB geärgert wird, sondern dass sich @WESTbahn1 damit selbst ärgert. Eine gute Marketing-Idee?

At @EU_RailwayAward:

Sabrina Soussan of Siemens Mobility:

"In rail sector, co-operation & competition are necessary together".

YES!! So let's have robust mandatory Open Data & Through Ticketing across all operators.

- they can still compete with each other on fares & service.

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