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Why competition matters?


„Because challenge and competition make us better. If our businesses aren’t challenged, if they don’t have to compete, then they don’t have any reason to work to serve people better. Competition is the motor that drives businesses to do better for consumers. To cut prices. To offer more choice. To produce innovative products.“

Margarethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, in a speech at the
American Enterprise Institute in Washington on September 18, 2017

Taken from: How competition can build better market


Ms. Vestagers quote concisely sums up why competition matters. The rail sector in the EU is currently still far from being as competitive as other industries.

ALLRAIL aims to work closely with the EU Institutions, the European Union Rail Agency and Regulators to support the full establishment of a competitive Single European Railway Area.

Today, ALLRAIL visited EU Transport Commissioner @Bulc_EU

It was a productive meeting - thank you!

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Violeta Bulc@Bulc_EU

Engaging with #rail and #aviation stakeholders. New associations bringing more perspectives and new views on #EUTransport solutions.

Our Secretary General Julia Lamb will be participating tomorrow in a round-table discussion at the Plenary Assembly of @IRGRail (IRG) in Paris-

IRG is the European Independent Rail Regulators Group. …

A sign the Dutch do no (longer) accept the illegal procurement tricks incumbent NS applied to protect their market against competition?

.@seatsixtyone reports on new 'Agreement on Journey Continuation':

Great concept! But it should be a passenger right across all rail operators

Until midnight today, you can give feedback on new EU rail pass. rights reg. here: …

Les (bientôt) 31 régulateurs ferroviaires européens réunis à Paris les 23 et 24 novembre sous l'égide de sa présidente, Anne Yvrande-Billon #arafer_officiel - @RGRail @Allrail @thetrainline @ALLRAIL_EU

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