Brüssel/Berlin, 23. April 2019

Faire Rahmenbedingungen bei Mehrwertsteuer für alle Fernlinienverkehre



Die Wettbewerbsbahnen von ALLRAIL begrüßen die Idee von Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer, die Mehrwertsteuer in Deutschland für Tickets im Schienenpersonenfernverkehr von 19 auf 7 Prozent senken zu wollen1. Dies ist ein willkommener Schritt und kann gute Impulse für die Stärkung umweltfreundlicher Verkehre setzen.


Brussels, 28th January 2019

Political pressure on competition policy risks undermining the single EU rail market



The rail operators that belong to ALLRAIL are alarmed to hear that politicians in powerful EU member states are putting pressure on EU competition commissioner Mrs Margrethe Vestager to approve the proposed merger of rail manufacturers Siemens and Alstom1...

Bruxelles, 13 novembre 2018

La protection en cas de correspondance manquée est essentielle pour garantir les droits des voyageurs ferroviaires dans l’UE



Dans le cadre de la refonte du règlement sur les droits des voyageurs ferroviaires COM(2017)0548 examinée par le Parlement Européen, la Fédération Européenne des Voyageurs (EPF) et l'Association européennes des nouveaux entrants ferroviaires (ALLRAIL) passent au crible les propositions nouvelles en Europe...

Brussels, November 13th, 2018

Mandatory missed connection protection is crucial when improving EU rail passenger rights



When it comes to the current EU rail passengers rights reform COM(2017)0548, EPF and ALLRAIL’s operator members ask if the proposals will benefit passengers and the rail sector....

Brussels, 29th October 2018

Rail ticket reform in Norway - A role model for EU rail passenger rights



As part of its intention to grow passenger rail, Norway’s government has separated the in-house sales division of the state-owned incumbent NSB from the operator and it turned it into an entity that will show & sell ALL passenger rail operators impartially – regardless whether the incumbent or a different operator....

Paris et Bruxelles, 9 octobre 2018

France et Espagne: une concurrence équitable pour les nouveaux services
ferroviaires « low cost » à grande vitesse:



Au cours des dernières années, certains opérateurs ferroviaires nationaux ont initié des nouvelles filiales low cost à grande vitesse qui fonctionnent parallèlement à leurs trains à grande vitesse conventionnels. Ouigo de la SNCF a débuté en France en 2013, suivi de « Izy » en 2016. En 2019, Renfe lancera « Eva » en Espagne....

Paris & Brussels, 9th October 2018

France and Spain: achieving a level playing field with the new low-cost high speed trains:



In recent years, some national rail incumbents have introduced new low-cost, high speed subsidiaries that operate alongside their regular high speed trains. SNCF’s “Ouigo” began in France in 2013, followed by “Izy” in 2016. In 2019, Renfe will launch “Eva” in Spain....

Berlin/Brüssel, 12. September 2018

Reaktion auf den Brandbrief des DB-Vorstands: Mehr Wettbewerb auf der Schiene ist die Lösung



In den vergangenen Tagen war viel über den erstaunlichen Brandbrief des Vorstandsvorsitzenden der DB, Richard Lutz, in den Medien zu lesen. Er schreibt darin u.a.:

Es gibt tiefgreifende „operative Schwächen“ bei der DB; zudem werde das bereits auf 2,1 Mrd. Euro reduzierte Ergebnisziel voraussichtlich nicht erreicht1.

Verspätungen und Kundenzufriedenheit im Fernverkehr haben sich verschlechtert....

Berlin/Brussels, 13th September 2018

Germany: More competition to Deutsche Bahn is the solution and not the problem:



This past week, the general public has found out about a leaked crisis letter from executives of the German rail incumbent Deutsche Bahn (DB), stating that:

Efficiency is low; even the earnings target of €2·1bn (for 2018) is at risk.

Long distance delays and customer satisfaction are getting worse ...


ALLRAIL: die Schweiz soll Wettbewerb im Bahn-Fernverkehr einführen:



In den vergangenen Jahrzehnten legte das Schweizer Bundesamt für Verkehr (BAV) einige der besten Konzepte für den öffentlichen Personenverkehr in Europa vor. ...


ALLRAIL: Switzerland should introduce competition in long distance passenger rail:



For many decades, the Swiss Federal Transport Office BAV has provided some of the best long-term development concepts for public transport in Europe. ...


Polska: Integracja pionowa jest problemem, a nie rozwiązaniem



ERFA i ALLRAIL z dużym niepokojem przyjmują plany, według których dominująca polska spółka kolejowa tj. PKP S.A. ma integrować przewoźników i zarządcę infrastruktury w jednym holdingu, łącząc zarządzaniem finansami, personelem i zamówieniami. 1....


Poland: vertical integration is the problem, not the solution.



ERFA and ALLRAIL are very disappointed to hear that the Polish incumbent PKP is planning to integrate all public operators and infrastructure into one holding with joint management of finances, personnel & procurement1....


Swedish rail incumbent SJ is repeatedly smearing
MTR Nordic as a “Chinese state company”.



ALLRAIL is disturbed to learn that senior figures at the Swedish state-owned company SJ are repeatedly smearing our member MTR Nordic....


1st Flixtrain departs from the German capital Berlin -
powered by our member Leo Express.



The 1st Flixtrain to serve the German capital departed from Berlin for Stuttgart this afternoon....


ALLRAIL member MTR reports Swedish rail incumbent SJ
to the Swedish Competition Authority.



ALLRAIL believes that access to ALL rail travel information should become a passenger right. ALL rail timetables & pricing options should be available at ALL ticket vendors...


ÖBB and DB to end through tickets that involve night trains – meaning no passenger rights coverage for the entire journey - A Sign of Things To Come?



ALLRAIL is dismayed to learn from a recent article1 in the German weekly news magazine Spiegel that the Austrian and German rail incumbents (ÖBB and DB) plan to end “through tickets” in cases when ÖBB’s night trains form part of a connecting rail journey with DB...


New rail passenger rights proposal is a backward step for the competitiveness of new entrants



ALLRAIL believes that better access to rail travel information should become a passenger right

It is crucial that passengers
(1) can see ALL rail options
(2) can book ALL rail options and
(3) have the confidence that - whatever kind of rail booking they make - they will reach their final destination even if there is a missed connection during the journey.


ALLRAIL Press Release on Ticketing & Rail Passenger Rights



ALLRAIL think that passenger rights legislation should be updated to better reflect the changing nature and dynamics of the rail sector, particularly in the area of ticketing. The accessibility and availability of rail tickets today is outdated, undermining the quality of the rail booking experience and frustrating the growth of demand for rail services.


ALLRAIL urges Commission to challenge Slovakia Government to comply with 4th Railway Package and encourage Above Rail competition.



ALLRAIL, the association of independent passenger and freight rail companies, asks the European Commission to take urgent action against the Slovak Government (Slovak Ministry of Transportation) and the Slovak Transport Authority, which are seeking to block a new international passenger service between Bratislava and Prague planned by the ALLRAIL member Regiojet.


ALLRAIL welcomes the judgement of the European Court of Justice and the decision of the Dutch Regulatory Body (ACM) as two important steps forward towards a competitive rail market in Europe



ALLRAIL welcomes the judgement of the European Court of Justice and the decision of the Dutch Regulatory Body (ACM) as two important steps forward towards a competitive rail market in Europe.


How to ensure value of money for public investments in rail?



ALLRAIL, the Alliance of Rail New Entrants, believes that any public financing of public service rail contracts (PSOs) in Europe should benefit the passenger, taxpayer and the rail sector as a whole. In 2016 the European Commission stated that any resources used from an EU-financing program to fund passenger rolling stock have to be invested in the most reasonable manner and must have an overall positive impact both on the competitiveness and the development of the sector.


Locomore’s financial difficulties: an unwelcome reminder of the difficult climate for rail new entrants



As the new German start-up Locomore declares insolvency, ALLRAIL, the Alliance of Rail New Entrants, highlights the crippling cost challenges and entry barriers for rail, limiting the growth of eco-friendly rail transport.


Founding of ALLRAIL, the Alliance of Rail New Entrants



Alliance of Rail New Entrants (ALLRAIL), Europe’s new rail association, bringing together non-incumbent companies from the freight and passenger rail market, has been established in Brussels.